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Fall 2023 First Year Registration

To register for your Fall 2023 classes:

  1. Review your academic history and any AP or IB exam scores or college courses completed in high school.
  2. Review the 4-year plan for your intended major in MyDegreePath (MDP) and the Catalog.
  3. Check your test scores or previous college courses to see if you need a preparatory class.
  4. Use the MDP Roadmap and Plan Builder to plan your required Fall 2023 classes.
  5. Review the Schedule of Classes (open course list) for class times and open seats.  Select your classes.  Don't be worried if some courses seem full right now!  Seats that have been "hidden" (reserved for first years) will open on the Schedule of Classes around June 23.
  6. Connect with your Bobcat Advising Center (BAC) temporary summer academic advisor at a Zoom workshop or Zoom walk-in hours before registration week if you have questions.  See the June 1 message on your UC Merced email for more information.
  7. Register for 12-16 units at your assigned registration time between June 26-30.


After registration:

  • Registration will remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week after your assigned time.
    • Seats will continue to open when students drop and add courses throughout the summer.
  • Waitlists for closed classes open to first years on Mon. July 3 at 9:00 am.
    • Being on the waitlist does NOT count toward full-time enrollment.
  • Stay enrolled in at least 12 units (full-time status) even if you are trying to adjust your schedule during summer.
    • Full-time status is required if you qualify for financial aid or academic scholarships.


As a first year college student, you have the freedom and responsibility to:

  • Choose your classes each semester.
  • Take different classes every semester.
    • Each class is only one semester (16 weeks) long.
  • Choose your class times.
  • Register for (enroll in) your classes at your assigned registration time each semester.
    • Register for 12 or more units each semester to be full-time (required if you receive financial aid or scholarships).
      • Waitlisted units (trying to get into a class that is full) do not count toward full-time enrollment.
      • Most students take 14-16 units each semester to meet Undergraduate Normal Progress to Degree.
      • You can take a maximum of 18 units in your first semester at UC Merced.
  • Use the many available resources and actively engage with your classes and professors to earn the highest possible grades.


Wondering where to start?  Hints to prepare to register between June 26-30:

1.  Explore and read the sections on this site and the information sent to your UC Merced email.

  • Messages and videos about registration have been sent to your UC Merced email throughout June.
  • Find your UC Merced email on your student portal.
    • Read your UC Merced email each day.


2. Review your academic history to see how you qualify to take or skip certain classes at UC Merced in Fall 2023.

Your "academic history" refers to things you have already done that make you eligible to skip certain classes or take certain classes in your first semester at UC Merced.

Your academic history includes:


  • Your scores on Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) exams


The reason to review what you have already done:  do not waste your time or money taking a course in Fall 2023 that you have already completed or do not need!


3.  Review your intended major and the 4-year plan for Fall 2023 first year admits in that major.


4.  Select your classes.


5.  Explore how to register using the online registration system.

  • See How to Register for Classes and start to become familiar with the online registration system.  (You will use it every semester!)
  • Attend the New Student Registration webinar on Wed. June 21.
    • Missed the webinar?
    • Description:
      • Fall 2023 first years and undeclared transfers:  Wondering how to use the online registration system at UC Merced?  Join the Office of the Registrar team for tips on navigating the registration system so you are prepared to register for Fall 2023 classes at your assigned time between June 26-30.
  • Watch the short Steps to Register for Classes video.


6.  Connect with your BAC temporary summer academic advisor during Zoom walk-in hours if you have questions about:

  • Major(s) and optional minor(s)
  • Course sequencing
  • General Education (GE) requirements
  • Intended career goals
  • How AP exams, IB exams, or college courses taken in high school impact the courses you are eligible to take in your first semester
  • Registration for Fall 2023 classes

Our BAC academic advising team is here to help!  See the June 1 message sent to your UC Merced email from your BAC temporary summer academic advisor.