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First Semester: GE Spark Seminar


The Spark Seminar is part of the General Education (GE) requirements and is a great choice for your first semester.

You must take either SPRK 001 or SPRK 010 to satisfy the GE Spark Seminar requirement.

SPRK 001 or 010 must be completed with a C- or higher by the end of your second semester at UC Merced.



Complete the Spark Seminar as soon as possible.  For most majors, SPRK was included in your course recommendations for the first semester.

If you do not get a seat in SPRK in your first semester, you MUST take SPRK in your second semester.

SPRK is usually not taught in summer.

There are no transferable equivalents from any other college.  You must take SPRK at UC Merced.



Spark Seminars are small classes with unique topics open only to first years in their first or second semester at UC Merced.

Professors who teach SPRK are committed to helping first years make a successful academic transition to UC Merced.

See descriptions of each SPRK section at this link.  Check the current class schedule for SPRK sections offered this semester.