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Majors & Minors for Pre-Law

What major is best if you plan to go to law school?

The great news is that any major can help you prepare to attend law school!  The American Bar Association (ABA) recommends that pre-law students select a major that:

  • Fits with your academic strengths
  • Aligns with your personal or career interests
  • Allows you to cultivate your research and writing skills
  • Challenges you through difficult courses or demanding instructors


At UC Merced, every student must declare a major.  You can also choose to do an optional minor (or more than one minor) or do a double major.

If you are pre-law, talk with your BAC academic advisor about your interests and strengths as you consider different majors or minors in your first year.


To see required courses in any major or minor at UC Merced:

  • Go to the current UC Merced Catalog
  • Select Academic Programs in the left column
  • Select a major or minor to view requirements


Are you a pre-law first year interested in political science or government?

  • The political science (POLI) major allows a subfield concentration in Law and Policy.


Are you a pre-law first year interested in honors opportunities?

Honors options exist in several majors.  Applications are typically accepted in spring of the second or third year from students declared in these majors (application deadline varies by program):

  • English Honors Program
  • History Honors Program
  • Political Science Honors Program
  • Psychology Honors Program

To learn more about these honors options, go to the Academic Programs tab in the Catalog.

After selecting the major, scroll to the bottom of the page for honors option information.


To change or declare your major or minor in your first year at UC Merced, see Changing Major or Declaring Minor.