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Pre-Law First Years

The Bobcat Advising Center (BAC) is the academic advising home for first years in every major--and many of our first years express an interest in attending law school after graduating from UC Merced.

If you hope to pursue a career as an attorney, explore the resources in this section to get started on your path during your first year--and be sure to talk with your BAC academic advisor about your personal, academic, and career goals.



In the United States, admission to law school requires a bachelor's degree.

There is no specific major and no set of required courses to complete before you apply to law school.  You can do any major at UC Merced and then apply to law school.

There is no official "pre-law" designation at UC Merced--but if you are considering law school, share that information when you meet with your BAC academic advisor.  Knowing that you plan to attend law school will be an important part of the discussion about your career goals and involvement opportunities during your first year at UC Merced.

When you enter law school, it is typically a structured full-time three-year program with a cohort of new first year law students admitted each fall.  You then move through the three years of law school taking most of your law classes with your entering cohort.