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BAC Advisors for Undeclared Students

All BAC academic advisors work with undeclared students.

Your BAC advisor will help you consider options for majors or minors based on your interests, academic strengths, and career goals.


Undeclared first years:

BAC advisor assigned based on student last name.  See the Contact Us page.


Undeclared second and third year continuing students*:

Kenya Alas, M.S.

Senior Academic Advisor and Coordinator of Peer Advising


Undeclared lower division transfers*:

Erendira "Dida" Estrada, M.S.P.H.

Senior Academic Advisor and Coordinator of Undeclared Transfer Student Support


* If you are a second or third year continuing student or a new transfer who is Undeclared--SSHA, Undeclared--SNS, or Undeclared--SOE, you will have an assigned academic advisor in your School: