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A corequisite error means you must enroll in another class to take this class. 

Check the Schedule of Classes (open course list) to see if a class has a corequisite.


Some common corequisite errors:

  • MATH 015 has a corequisite of MATH 005
  • PHYS 008 has a corequisite of MATH 021
  • PHYS 018 has a corequisite of MATH 011
  • CHEM 010 has a corequisite of MATH 011 or MATH 021


If you passed AP or IB exams or college courses at another institution and receive the corequisite error, it could mean that your AP score, IB score, or transcript from the other college has not been received by UC Merced.

Connect with your BAC advisor if you need assistance.