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Summer Classes at Other Schools

UC Merced students are allowed to take summer classes (but not fall or spring classes) at another school.

(The Concurrent Credit from Another Institution policy does not allow students to take fall or spring classes at another school while enrolled at UC Merced.)

Check the exact dates for the summer class at the other school and talk with your BAC academic advisor if you have questions.  Be sure to research the summer registration dates and policies on that school's web site.


Summer classes at another school cannot overlap--even by one day--with spring semester or fall semester at UC Merced.

Check the academic calendar for exact semester dates at UC Merced.

Summer 2024 courses at another school will need to:

  • Start Saturday, May 11, 2024 or later   AND

  • End by Tuesday, August 20, 2024


To search for online summer classes at California community colleges:

California Virtual Campus


Need help getting started?

Watch video tips from the Bobcat Advising Center on taking summer classes outside UC Merced at a California community college, other UC, CSU, other 2-year or 4-year school.  (This video is from Summer 2021.)   Learn how to use ASSIST and Transferology to determine how classes transfer to UC Merced.



Some of the resources reviewed in our video are listed below.


To find courses that have already been evaluated for transfer to UC Merced:

  • ASSIST:  official site to see how California community college classes transfer
  • Transferology:  shows 4-year courses (other UC, CSU, private college) that have already been evaluated by UCM faculty.
    • You must create a free account to use Transferology.


To request an evaluation of a course that does not appear on ASSIST, Transferology, or the SNS site:

  • Contact the professor at the other school and obtain a syllabus for the summer class.
  • Submit a Course Approval Form (see below) to the UC Merced faculty for that department.


For summer courses in engineering (ENGR, BIOE, CSE, ME, etc.):


For summer courses in math or science (MATH, BIO, CHEM, ESS, PHYS, etc.):


For summer courses in social science or arts and humanities (ANTH, ECON, HIST, MBE, POLI, PSY, PUBH, SOC, etc.):