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Prospective Students


Thinking about attending UC Merced?  If so, we hope you join us!

Review our majors and minors

Apply for admission

Attend a group event or meet individually with a UC Merced Regional Admissions Advisor for help during the admissions process

Visit UC Merced--take a live or virtual tour

Attend Admissions webinars, workshops, virtual college fairs, or school visits

Attend Bobcat Day at UC Merced on Saturday, April 20, 2024!




Wondering what your next steps might be after admission to UC Merced?

Or hope to connect with campus through social media, text messaging, or the Parent Newsletter? 

Visit the site exclusively for admitted students and families:

Fall 2023 (and after) admits are required to have a personal laptop.

Register with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) after you submit the Statement of Intent to Register (commit to attend UCM) if you have a documented disability that may require accommodations.




  • Read the BAC Placement Exams page to determine which placement exams you are required to take.
  • See Step 6 on the admitted student Next Steps tab.
  • You will receive messages about the placement exams on your UC Merced email usually 5-7 business days after you submit your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR).

First year students admitted to UC Merced may need to take 4 placement exams:

  • UC Merced Writing Readiness Review
    • The Writing Readiness Review replaces the former UC Analytical Writing Placement Exam (AWPE) that was last offered in May 2022
  • UC Merced math placement exam
    • Starting with Fall 2024 classes, you must have a UC Merced math placement exam score to be allowed to enroll in any of the introductory math classes:
      • MATH 005, 008, 011, 021
  • UC Merced chemistry placement exam
  • UC Merced computer science & engineering (CSE) placement exam




The UC Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) is a reading and writing proficiency requirement intended to ensure that entering first year (freshman) students have the writing skills necessary to succeed in lower division university-level courses at a research university.


All UC schools require that first years complete ELWR by the end of their second semester at the UC school.

  • Ways to satisfy ELWR can be found at this link.
  • For UC Merced admits, the Writing Readiness Review determines placement in Writing courses at UC Merced.


There are two introductory Writing courses at UC Merced:

  • Writing 1 (WRI 001, Academic Writing, 4 units)--satisfies UC ELWR
  • Writing 10 (WRI 010, College Reading & Composition, 4 units)


If you place into Writing 1, you will need to complete both Writing 1 and Writing 10.

  • Writing 10 is a required General Education (GE) course for all students at UC Merced.


If you are a fall semester admit who took a California community college course during high school that is the equivalent of Writing 1 (check ASSIST for transferability), have the official college transcript sent to UC Merced before July 1.

If you are a fall semester admit who earned an AP English exam score that satisfies Writing 1, have College Board send the official AP exam score to UC Merced before July 15.

If you have not satisfied ELWR before your arrive at UC Merced, you will take Writing 1 in your first semester and must earn a grade of C or higher to satisfy ELWR.




To prepare for Fall 2024 registration:

  • Read your UC Merced email daily after you submit your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR).

    • You will receive messages on your UC Merced email in April, May, and June related to registration for Fall 2024 classes.

    • Log in to your email at  Select the email icon.



  • Take placement exams before June 7, 2024.

    • See Step 6 in the Next Steps tab on the admitted students site.
    • There are 4 placement exams (math, chemistry, writing, computer science & engineering)
      • Which exams do you need?  Read more on our BAC Placement Exams page.
        • .Are you a Management & Business Economics (MBE) major?  Be sure to take the CSE placement exam.  Your score may satisfy a requirement in the MBE major.


  • Send official copies of your high school transcript (must include date of graduation) and college transcripts for college courses taken in high school to UC Merced before July 1, 2024.

    • See Step 13 in the Next Steps tab on the admitted students site.
    • If you took college courses, send an official college transcript to UC Merced as soon as you submit your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR).  This will allow time for the courses to be evaluated and posted on your UC Merced record before you register for Fall 2024 classes.
    • If you are taking college courses in spring, send a second official college transcript to UC Merced as soon as you finish the spring classes. 
    • NOTE:  Official college transcripts are required for ALL college courses taken, including dual enrollment classes that appear on your high school transcript.




  • During June:  information and resources about registration for Fall 2024 classes will be sent to your UC Merced email.

    • Your fall classes will be based on your intended major, placement exam scores, and any AP or IB exam scores or college transcripts received at UC Merced.

    • On May 31, you will also receive a message about your BAC temporary summer academic advisor.  This BAC academic advisor will be your contact for academic questions and Zoom (virtual) academic advising from June 3 through August 22, 2024.


  • Between Mon. June 24 - Thurs. June 27:  first year admits will have randomly assigned online registration times.

    • Enroll in 12-16 units at your assigned registration time.

    • Registration will remain open 24 hours a day throughout summer for schedule adjustment.




After you establish your UC Merced email account:

  •      Use only your UC Merced email to contact academic advisors, professors, or staff in different offices on campus.
  •      Include your first and last name and UC Merced ID number in any messages.
  •      Using your UC Merced email and including your student ID number will help all offices at UC Merced respond to you as quickly as possible.

To access your UC Merced email, log on to your student portal on the Connect Platform at and click the email icon.