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Registration Errors

You might try to register for a class and receive an "error" message.  What should you do?


To fix the error:

1.  Use the Schedule of Classes (open course list) to check prerequisites or restrictions for each class.


2.  Click on the 5-digit CRN for the course on the open course list to view prerequisites and restrictions.


3.  Check that you have the CRN for each part of the course (lecture, lab, discussion) before you submit. 

The most common registration error:  trying to enroll in a discussion or lab linked to the wrong lecture.


4.  Check the open course list to be sure there are open seats in each part of the class.


5.  After you identify and correct the reason for the error, try once more to register for all parts of the class.


6.  If you cannot resolve the error, connect with your BAC academic advisor.


For a complete list of all possible registration errors, see Office of the Registrar registration errors.