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Taking Classes at Other Schools


According to the Concurrent Credit from Another Institution policy, students are generally NOT allowed to take classes at another institution (community college, university) during the academic year (August through May) while enrolled at UC Merced for fall semester or spring semester.

This policy also applies to January term (sometimes called "intersession" or "winter session") classes.

The 2023-24 academic year at UC Merced is Wednesday, August 16, 2023 - Friday, May 10, 2024.

If you take a class at another school during the academic year while you are enrolled at UC Merced, the units for that class may not transfer to UC Merced.



After you have completed at least one semester at UC Merced with good academic standing, you might be eligible to submit an application to take a class through:

If you apply for one of these special programs, you must still be enrolled full-time in 12 or more units at UC Merced while taking one class at the other UC school or at Merced College.

Talk with your Bobcat Advising Center academic advisor well in advance if you are considering applying to take a course in your second semester at another UC or at Merced College.



You are allowed to take SUMMER classes at any institution--UC Merced summer sessions or at another school--without any special permission if the class does not overlap (even by one day) with the academic year at UC Merced.

See our BAC Summer tab for information and links to:

  • UC Merced Summer Session
    • Includes option to complete an entire psychology minor in two summer sessions
    • Shows how courses from California community colleges transfer to UC Merced
  • Transferology
    • Shows how 4-year college courses transfer to UC Merced
  • California Virtual Campus
    • To search for online summer courses at California community colleges
  • How to send summer transcripts from other institutions to UC Merced