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Academic Support

The University of California is a place where you can find a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose, surrounded by a community of people who are just like you:

  •      Curious
  •      Hardworking
  •      Determined to make a difference
  •      Excited to be part of the best public research university system in the world

UC Merced students excelled in their high school classes.  In fact, many of our first years served as peer tutors in high school.  They earned high grades and never needed to ask for help.


In college, and particularly at a rigorous research university like UC Merced, the brightest students realize quickly that one of the best ways to do well is to take full advantage of free learning support and tutoring resources.


For example, in addition to meeting with your Bobcat Advising Center advisor in your first year you might:

  •      Review chemistry equations with a STEM Tutoring Hub tutor who also teaches introductory chem classes
  •      Connect with a peer mentor for tips on how to manage studying in college
  •      Take USTU 10 to learn more about university resources
  •      Meet with library staff for tips on how to start your first research paper


Explore the academic resources in this section and use them often (they're free!)--and we hope to see your name on the Dean's Honor List or Chancellor's Honors List during your first year!