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Understanding Placement Exams (video)

NOTE:  starting with Fall 2024 classes, you must have a qualifying math placement exam score to enroll in any introductory math class at UC Merced.

Take the math placement exam before May 31, 2024 to qualify to register for any of these classes during your June 24-28 assigned registration time:

  • MATH 005, Preparatory Calculus
  • MATH 008, Foundations of Quantitative Reasoning
    • MATH 008 is a new math course for students whose major does not require calculus
  • MATH 011, Calculus I
  • MATH 021, Calculus I for Physical Sciences and Engineering


Watch this short video to learn more about the 4 placement exams at UC Merced:

  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
  • Math
  • Writing Readiness Review